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Have you ever wonder what the BITE is?

Have you ever wondered what the Bite is? Or have you ever been confused with the proper terminology – don’t worry you are not alone. With permission of Elizabeth Hennessy, DMV. We are sharing Elizabeth’s article with intention to share the knowledge and help to understand the Bite.

Often asked questions to new puppy owners is: "How is your puppy's bite?"

The standard reply is "Oh, just fine. He/she bites a lot, no problem with that bite." This is our first hurdle, the distinction between "bite", "does bite", "is biting" and so on.

So I will begin with teeth. Teeth are involved with "bite" regardless of which word form is intended.

Open your Bull Terrier's mouth (if possible) and count teeth. Good luck. If you don't get 42, you either weren't given enough time, can't add or, more likely, THERE AREN'T 42.