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It's a Bully thing! Collar Leash dog Terrier Puppy Bull Terrier Leather massive Expensive Luxury

It's a Bully thing!® Bull Collar and Leash

We are immensely proud to introduce this top quality and luxurious leash and collar set made just for Bull Terriers to spotlight the legacy of the breed. Indulging in this unparalleled It’s a Bully thing!® collar and leash is a mark of ultimate luxury.

Delight in its superior impeccable craftsmanship, avant-garde styling, and rich Black Bull leather with silky-soft signature lining. This gorgeous It’s a Bully thing!® set is more than an impressive status symbol—it aims directly at practicality at the same time.

Attention to detail distinguishes our It’s a Bully thing!® brand, and this custom-made collar and leash show off all the extra details you won’t find anywhere else.  The perfection of its special hand processing makes it unique. This set is available in limited quantities.

Through constant collaboration, we selected a specific leather known for its softness to the touch for the inner part of the collar. The technique used for the interior guarantees both strength and air circulation. We even added a layer of memory foam, so discomfort is history.

Our distinctive logo is proudly displayed on the collar and leash to complete the look of the set.

All hardware is stainless steel to enhance the durability of this It’s a Bully thing!® leash and collar.


  • Please contact us directly for custom sizes. The delivery time may be extended.


  • Caring for It’s a Bully thing!® leash and collar

    1. The set is made to last a lifetime, but like all fine craftsmanship, you need to care for it. Our product is sensitive to natural elements—heat, oil, light, water, and too-humid or too-dry environments.  Attempt to protect it from prolonged exposure to intense light and heat, which may alter the color. When possible, avoid contact with salt water.
    2. If leather gets too wet, do not speed-dry it—leave it at room temperature out of direct sun to avoid alteration of shape and stiffening.
    3. Each set comes with special leather balm designed for the It’s a Bully thing!® collar and leash. We recommend using this leather conditioner immediately after purchase to nourish the leather and give it a protective barrier and repeat this treatment once or twice a year (more often if climate or extreme exposure circumstances dictate).
    4. Application is easy: Clean the product first with towel (dry or slightly damp).
    5. Allow the collar or leash to dry thoroughly.
    6. Apply the conditioner with circular movements spreading the conditioner over the entire surface. Apply it gently—no need for vigorous rubbing.
    7. An occasional drop of lightweight oil on the buckle will prolong its life.



  • Size

    • Please reffer to displayed picture 
    • Please contact us directly for custom sizes. The delivery time may be extended.



  • Leash

    Length: 50 inches

    Width of the leash: 0.8 inch 

  • How to measure your Bull Terrier

    A collar should not be tight, so it will not be the exact circumference of your Bull Terrier’s neck. When it is on the Bull Terrier, the right fit will allow you to slide two fingers under the collar.


    For a proper fit, please use a cloth seamstress tape measure. (see photo “Where to measure Bull Terrier’s neck”).


    A) Measure the neck a few inches behind the head.

    B) Allow sufficient room to slip two fingers between the collar and the Bull Terrier’s neck (or add two inches to the exact measurement).



    Always monitor the fit of your Bull Terrier’s collar while on a leash.

  • Delivery Time

    Allow 3 weeks for production (plus shipping time)

  • Guarantee

    It’s a Bully thing!® collars and leashes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period up to six months from the date of purchase. 

    All laser personalization is guaranteed to be legible for a period up to one year from the date of purchase.


Contact us directly to order