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What the Requirements for Importing of 10 (ten) weeks old dog are while traveling/being imported from the UK to the USA

Correspondence via email


From: myself

Subject: Importing 10 weeks old puppy from the UK to the USA

Feb 14, 2021, 4:06 PM 



To:, me


 Good morning,


Would you be able to advise me, if I would need an IMPORT Permit, when I am importing a puppy of Bull Terrier from the UK (Heathrow) to the USA (Washington, Dulles, British Airways)?


  • He will be 10 weeks old on 03/11/2021 – the day when he is scheduled to arrive to the USA.

  • He will have 1st  and 2nd  Vaccination

                Is it going to be a problem?


  • He will NOT have rabies at the time of his flight - due to his age.


Will I need anything else besides the Statement from a vet from the UK that he is healthy to fly?


If I would need Import Permit – would you be able to let me know when and how I can obtain it?



Thank you very much for your help with our little guy to make his trip as ready as possible.








From: CDC Animal Imports (CDC)

Subject: Importing 10 weeks old puppy from the UK to the USA

Feb 16, 2021, 9:18 AM 



To: me

Dear xxx:


Dogs coming from a low-risk or no-known rabies risk country, such as the UK,  are NOT required by CDC to have a rabies vaccination certificate (or titer or any other paperwork) to enter the United States. However, when you enter the United States, the dog(s) must be healthy upon arrival, and you must provide written or verbal statements that the dog(s) lived in a country with low or no risk of rabies for at least 6 months or since birth.  Examples of written statements include veterinary records, proof of purchase, or a breeder certificate that shows transfer of ownership and demonstrates proof of residency in the low-risk or no-known-risk country.  Submitting false information or making other false statements is punishable with fines and imprisonment.


States may have additional entry requirements to the federal requirements, so it is important to check the regulations of your final destination state at


Please be aware that USDA may have additional requirements for importing a dog (including commercial/ resale/ adoption purposes). Please see


CDC has updated the website and high-risk countries requiring a rabies vaccination certificate at


Check with the airline. They also have additional requirements, such as health certificates, breed restrictions, and travel restrictions based on weather.


Other resources

·    CBP:

·    Traveling with your pet:

·    Operation Dog Catcher:


To receive emails about CDC Animal Importations please subscribe here, enter your email address and select “Animal Importation Regulations.”




Zoonoses Team

Division of Global Migration and Quarantine

National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention







RESPONSE of USDA what the Requirements for Importing of 10 (ten) weeks old dog are while traveling/being imported from the UK to the USA.
(U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) 
Correspondence via email




From: myself

Subject: Importing a bull terrier from UK to USA

Sun, Feb 14, 8:33 AM 





Good morning,


Would you be able to tell me what I would need if I would bringing a bull terrier puppy from the UK to the US?  A puppy will be arriving on 03/11/2021 to the Washington, D.C. Airport with British Airways around 10 pm EST.


I am aware, I will need vaccination appropriate to his age per British Airlines  – he will be 10 weeks on 03/10/2021 – would you be so kind and write me what vaccination he will need just in case we would forget about something?


  • Meaning he will not have rabies vaccination at the time of this flight – is this ok?

  • If I understand correctly – he will have to have issued in the UK certificate that he is healthy and capable to travel – this certificate should be issued by the UK vet – correct?

  • Is there special document for it – meaning a form version – or just a statement is ok?


I have heard I may need a customs broker – what does that person do – or will I need it?

  • Would you be so kind and let me know, where I should contact this person – if I would need it?


If there is anything else, I may need, please let me know.


In the best scenario, I would like to come to the airport & pick up the puppy as soon as possible without any surprise and additional delay after this long trip.


I really appreciate your help.  Please let me know, if you would prefer me to call you on 301-805-3300 – if that would be more convenient for you.


Thank you.







From: APHIS-VS Live Animal Import Export <>

Subject: Importing Bull Terrier from the UK to the USA

8:57 AM 



To: me


Good morning,


The UK is not affected with screwworm or foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) so our office does not have any requirements for you to import your dog into the U.S.  You should contact Virginia’s Department of Agriculture for state requirements, including required vaccinations and questions regarding a health certificate.  They can be reached at .  The airline may have requirements as well.  Please click on the link to select your port of entry to contact customs to confirm if they require a broker.


Best regards,



Live Animal Import and Export Customer Support Team

USDA APHIS Veterinary Services - Strategy and Policy

Office: 301-851-3300, Option 2


This electronic message contains information generated by the USDA solely for the intended recipients. Any unauthorized interception of this message or the use or disclosure of the information it contains may violate the law and subject the violator to civil or criminal penalties. If you believe you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and delete the email immediately.











Information from NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS)  stating requirement to import.


Communicable Disease > A-Z Diseases & Topics > Import/Export Requirements for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets


Diseases & Topics

Import/Export Requirements for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets

The North Carolina Division of Public Health has historically managed importation requirements for dogs, cats and ferrets while the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) has managed all other species. The NC DPH is officially eliminating the requirement for incoming dogs/cats/ferrets to be accompanied by an ICVI (health certificate). ICVIs are still required for other species in accordance with NCDA&CS rules. Information on how to access electronic ICVIs for dogs, cats and ferrets is available from NCDA&CS’s Veterinary Division.

  1. For dogs, cats, and ferrets

    1. Imports into North Carolina

      1. Interstate Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (ICVIs) are no longer required for dogs, cats and ferrets for entry into North Carolina. The only requirement for these animals is that they be currently vaccinated against rabies when entering the state, or receive a rabies vaccination within one week of entry (if of appropriate age) in accordance with NCGS 130A-185 and 130A-193.

Please refer to our Veterinary Public Health website for other information regarding rabies.

Pet Animal Entry Requirements - VIRGINIA
Contact: ttps://

VAC5-141-80. Pet animal entry requirements; exemptions.

A. Within the 10 days prior to its date of entry into Virginia, a pet animal must be deemed healthy and free of infectious diseases after examination by an accredited veterinarian. Proof of examination must be submitted with the permit request and on a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection in a format approved by the State Veterinarian.

B. No dog or cat younger than seven weeks of age may be imported into Virginia unless accompanied by its dam if the dam is known to be alive.

C. Any dog or cat older than four months of age entering Virginia shall be currently vaccinated for rabies.

D. A pet animal kept properly under control by its owner or custodian when traveling through Virginia to another state shall not be subject to the requirements of this chapter.

E. A pet animal brought into Virginia by a resident of Virginia or by a resident of another state who intends to make his residence in Virginia shall not be subject to the requirements of this chapter unless the pet animal is brought into Virginia to be offered for public adoption, transfer, sale, trade, or promotional incentive.

F. A pet animal (i) brought into Virginia for less than 10 days, (ii) for the purpose of hunting or legal exhibition, and (iii) with no change of ownership shall not be subject to the requirements of this chapter.

G. This section shall not be construed to (i) permit the entry into Virginia of any species of animal otherwise prohibited or restricted by any state or federal law, regulation, or directive or (ii) contravene additional entry requirements imposed by any state or federal law, regulation, or directive.

Statutory Authority

§§ 3.2-5902 and 3.2-6002 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Volume 28, Issue 08, eff. January 18, 2012; amended, Virginia Register Volume 32, Issue 03, eff. November 19, 2015; Volume 35, Issue 09, eff. February 7, 2019.

Website addresses provided in the Virginia Administrative Code to documents incorporated by reference are for the reader's convenience only, may not necessarily be active or current, and should not be relied upon. To ensure the information incorporated by reference is accurate, the reader is encouraged to use the source document described in the regulation.

As a service to the public, the Virginia Administrative Code is provided online by the Virginia General Assembly. We are unable to answer legal questions or respond to requests for legal advice, including application of law to specific fact. To understand and protect your legal rights, you should consult an attorney.





Information from Port of Washington- Dulles, Virginia - 5401

Based on the phone call conversation from 02.17.2021 around 9:29 am; phone number 703-661-7160, the Port Officer confirmed based on his conversation with a representative from the CDC while I was on hold and was waiting for the verifying the statement. Port officer confirmed that a dog can enter the USA at the age of 10 weeks and does not need rabies vaccination.





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