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Contest 1


Let's see the Holiday Bull Terriers

& Let's Enter 2021 with Smile

Three (3) Winners will receive  

It's a Bully thing!™ Bull Terrier Calendar 2021.

Group of our judges will decide the winners.

CHEER to Everyone and Happy 2021

Official Rules

* Winners of the LAST contest for 2020 *

Holiday It's a Bully thing! Bull Terrier Winners

(all winners have been contacted - if your name is on this winning list and you have not provided your shipping address, please contact us directly) 

  • Kate, Genna, DJ, Ronda, Ringo - we can only imagine all the work put into to make this picture happen 

  • Josie - Natural Model, we are sure this picture will write history

  • Lilith - awww, look at this little Santa's angel  we are still missing address

To highlight the believe that 2021 is the  year of SUCCESS

we have decided to add few more winners


2021 It's a Bully thing!™ Bull Terrier Calendar:

  • Grace - daddy's big Santa helper

  • Zoe - what a pose !

  • Bullo - great picture, we can see the talent

  • Clyde - perfect modeling skills

  • Dazzle - we see the love  we are still missing address

  • Dingus - of course, we can say he doesn't want to disturb Santa 

  • Dalai - what a smile

  • Moose and Avery - that is perfect family portrait 

  • Belle - yup, take care about the stocking 

  • Eros - oh mine, next little Angel

  • Ruger Smith - look at this magic

We could not forget of course to recognize the skills of our Cutest Bull Terrier Winners from 2020

LEO and CALVIN with Calvin in training aka Winnie

We wish to all of you FABUOUS 2021 


Contest started 12/26/2020 12:00:01 a.m. EST and ends 12/31/2020  09:30:00 p.m. EST.

We would like to thank to all participants.

We were amazed to see all the photos, as well as the effort of the Bull Terrier Parents and friends!

Regardless of the results, all Bull Terriers are Champions and deserve the best care !

It's a Bully thing!

It's a Bully thing! loves to help.jpg

2021 Celebrate

Bull Terrier Gallery

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