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5 Interesting Facts About Bull Terriers

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

1. They Were Classed Up

In the time of the1860s, a man named James Hinks who resided in Birmingham, England saw a real potential in these dogs. James then decided he should make them more of a distinctive breed. Mr Hinks then cross-bred them with the white terrier (which is now extinct), the popular Dalmatian and the border collie. James bred his dogs to be a pure white color, with a long face and no bow legs. A new and improved breed that boasted a more sophisticated look than predecessors. Originally these all white fancy dog were named "White Cavaliers." Later, bull terriers were worked on by breeding with Staffordshire bull terriers which created new colors such as red, brown, black, and brindle. 2 OCD Is Common In The Breed