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Our Experience with the Symptoms of End-Stage Renal Dysplasia in Our Puppy

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

# Rest in Peace Magnus

A thousand words won't bring you back, I know because I have tried;

neither will a thousand tears. I know because I have cried*.

Renal dysplasia in dogs is a condition that begins during fetal development, meaning the dog has either acquired it from a genetic mutation or through trauma or disease that can affect puppies in the womb. The exact cause of renal dysplasia is unknown.

Renal Dysplasia

While we were searching for information about the symptoms of renal dysplasia, we found only a few publications that described what we would see and feel.

Renal dysplasia is not easy, and it is painful. This is a cruel disease. We lost our bull terrier boy Magnus at the tender age of 8.5 months - he was diagnosed just 110 days before renal dysplasia took him as its own.

This article focuses on only the last few weeks, as the complete story of how our furry puppy boy was diagnosed, how we tried to help, whom we contacted, and much more is available on website dedicated to our bull terriers.

This disease goes so fast that you may not even realize that it’s been just three months since you had an active, loving furry puppy in front of you, and all of a sudden, you are holding your dying puppy in your arms, and it’s all happening while you watch. This helplessness will make you sleepless.