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Coping with death of your Bull Terrier Buddy

When a person dies, it is natural to express grief, expect friends and family to help you with understanding and provide you comfort.

But, you may not always get the same when your bull terrier dies. Some people don’t understand what role your bull terrier may have played in your life and a few may not get why you are so grieving over “just a dog”. Because of the special relationship we have with our bull terriers, the grief of our beloved doggie, can be even more intense, than the death of somebody else in your family.

Bull terriers mean the most to their owners. They are members of the family. We celebrate bull terrier’s birthday, carry their pictures in a wallet, getting for them the all the toys and treats. They are here with us and share equally our life with us.

So, when our dearest Bullie is no longer here, we are overwhelmed by the painful intensity of sorrow. Strong initial emotions my preclude the inevitable sadness that comes when the shock is gone.

The grief process is individual. It may take days to one, but it may take years for another. The process begins with denial, which may offer good protection until individuals can realize that the loss is in fact real. Your bundle of joy always stays in your heart and mind. Your bull terrier will always be here, and you will love him/her.

You may feel anger, guilt or you may feel it is weirdly inappropriate to be upset. After these feeling subsites, the painful true sadness and grief will appear. Acceptance is coming with remembering your bull terrier companion and decreasing sadness. Remember the good times you had together and be grateful that you were given the valuable time you had with your pal.

Some suggestion:

· Acknowledge the grief and it is ok to express it

· Talk through it.

· Reach to your veterinary, local humane society to see if a pet-loss support group or hotline is nearby.

· Prepare a memorial for your pet.

· Take your time.

Getting a new Buddy?

This should come slow. We should not rush into this decision. Each doggie is different and has unique personality and no animal can replace the one you have just lost.

At the end you can’t never forget the time you had together.

Your doggie showed you what the unconditional love means, what it is to live a moment, what it is to appreciate the little oops all around the house. Your buddy would not like to see you being sad, depressed. S/he would probably lick you, give you this gentle push to start new adventures...something. Let’s respect your Bull Terrier legacy and take it one step at a time.


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