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It's a Bully thing!® Cutest October Bull Terrier

Happy Halloween!

It’s a Bully thing!® has the Cutest Bull Terrier OCTOBER winner!

Let’s congratulate to:


Spartacus received 509 votes!

What a handsome boy!

We could not of course forget for the rest of the competitors who participated in our contests throughout the whole year 2020.

All together we had the pleasure to receive tones of Bull Terrier Champion photographs who received collectively unbelievable close to 13,000 votes!

That is stunning number of Bull Terrier lovers!

We could not be more proud!

Every single one of our 2020 Bull Terrier competitor will be featured in our It's a Bully thing!™ 2021 Calendar. Sneak peak on some of the pages is already available on our website.

This exclusive & limited 2021 Bull Terrier calendar is obtainable to be preordered on our website and should be available by Christmas.

Regardless of the results, all Bull Terriers are Champions and deserve the best care.

By any of purchase on our website, you directly support Rescue Welfare Trust Fund of the Bull Terrier.

Once again Congratulations Spartacus!

It’s a Bully thing!®

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