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Keep in mind when you are about to travel with your Bull Terrier

Temperature goes up!

Your vehicle can quickly reach a temperature that puts your bull terrier at risk of serious illness and even death, even on a day that doesn't seem hot to you. And cracking the windows makes no difference!

Let’s see some numbers:

An independent study showed that the interior temperature of vehicles parked in outside temperatures ranging from 70 to 95 F rose steadily as time increased. Another study, performed by the Louisiana Office of Public Health, found that the temperatures in a dark sedan as well as a light gray minivan parked on a hot, but partly cloudy day, exceeded 125F within 20 minutes. (Courtesy Jan Null, CCM; Department of Geosciences, San Francisco State University)

Temperature, temperature… but there is more!

Most of us smile when we see a dog's face happily hanging out a window, digging the ride and the smells wafting on the breeze, but this is a very risky venture for the dog for three reasons.

  • One, it means your dog isn't properly restrained.

  • Two, your bull terrier is at high risk of eye, ear, face, and mouth injury from airborne objects when it's got its face hanging out the window.

  • Three, letting your bull terrier hang any part of its body out of the window increases the risk that (s)he could be thrown out of the vehicle during a collision, lose its balance and fall out of the open window during an abrupt turn or maneuver, or jump out of the vehicle to threaten another dog or a person.

And what’s about traveling in Truck Beds?!

And let's not forget the severe dangers of driving with your bull terrier in the bed of a pickup truck.

Dogs can fall or jump from the truck bed and be injured or killed on impact or be struck by other traffic. And just as letting your Bullie hang its head out of the window puts it at risk of injury from debris, a bull terrier in a truck bed is even more exposed to airborne hazards.

Using a appropriate-length tether may reduce the risk that your furry friend will exit the truck bed, but the tether could tangle, injure, or even choke your bull terrier.

If you must transport your bull terrier in the bed of a pickup truck, use a secured and appropriately sized and ventilated dog kennel.

Many states have banned traveling with dogs in the truck bed or require they be secured; others have legislation pending.

The fact is dogs transported in open truck beds are at risk of severe injury.



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