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Spooky Halloween and Bull Terriers

Yup, Halloween is about to be here, and we are sure there will be plenty pictures circulating all over the internet, among our relatives or just for the evening time capturing our precious bull terriers during this year Halloween.

However, we should not forget that there should be safety guidelines carefully watched when and if you and your furry friend will be playing dress up.

Costumes must allow your Bull Terrier to move freely

Can your bull terrier walk, run, jump, sit, and move normally when wearing the costume? If not, it may be best to keep shopping. Look for costumes made of soft, stretchy material that moves with your furry friend. Be sure to put the costume on your bully before the big day. If it restricts your dog's mobility or doesn't fit well, you'll have plenty of time to find a better choice.

Although costumes should allow plenty of room for movement, make sure they aren't too big or loose. Loose or large costumes may pose tripping hazards.

Hats and masks – make sure they fit

Masks, hats, wigs, and headbands can interfere with vision if they're not the right size for your bully. Make sure eye holes on masks are large enough to allow your bull terrier to see in all directions. Poorly fitting hats, headbands, headpieces, or wigs can drift into your dog's field of vision, making it difficult to spot obstacles. Try to stay with saying less is more. Avoid masks that cover your bull terrier's nose and make it hard to breathe.

Yes, pay attention and look for choking hazard

Dangly decorations, buttons, and elaborate trim make any costume look more authentic but can pose a choking risk. If your bull terrier is a chewer and we know most of them they are, it may be best to bypass these types of costumes. In addition to triggering choking, swallowed decorations might damage your bull terriers’ stomach or intestines.

Choose Costumes That Can Accommodate Leashes and Harnesses

Parties and celebrations can be a little overwhelming for some furry friends, particularly if other people and animals are wearing costumes. If your bull terrier tries to run away from a spooky witch or scary clown, a harness or leash will prevent him or her from dashing into the street or disappearing into the bushes.

Be sure your bull terrier has ID tags even though s/he is microchipped.

Make Sure Your Bull Terrier's Costume Can Be Seen in the Dark

That black vampire costume may be a hazard if your bull terrier will be outside when it's dark. Choose costumes that contain bright colors or include reflective trim and materials if you'll be spending time outdoors in the evening.

If you bull terrier for any reason does not feel like wearing a costume, consider a more creative approach. At the end we all want to feel comfortable and have a funny pleasant evening including your furry friend.



Coastal Animal Hospital: Safety Guidelines for Pet Costumes

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